Project XIII was created to facilitate data exchange between people using the most secure, private and advanced methodologies and technologies that existing software makes readily available today. It was the brainchild of a software developer who was looking to create a solution that does not sell your information, advertise, or turn you into the product. The VEXS Protocol, based loosely on Isaac Asimov's 'I Robot', was birthed out of a desire to create a ruleset insuring the software that followed its processes would always serve the people for whom it was written and not become a creature that could harm its users. Too often today the role of software had been misused in society: we bring you its appropriate application. Welcome to private and secure exchange of information!

How are friend requests managed?

Project XIII makes use of both AES and RSA keys for data encryption. The RSA keys exist to facilitate the exchange of AES keys between friends. They provide key encapsulation. The RSA keys means these two people do not have to depend or trust a third party to keep the initial exchange of keys secure. The RSA keys are symmetrical; there is a public key and a private key. The public key is used to encrypt data. The private key is used to decrypt it. So if Jim wants to send Mary an encrypted message he encrypts the message with Mary's public key. She has the private key; so she is able to decrypt that message securely; knowing that she is the only one who can decode it.

Friend requests: download link

"... once you've encrypted it you can send it from whatever you think is appropriate. The main thing is you've got to encapsulate all of this in a way that it can't be decrypted and read when its in transit across the network ... or on either of the end points..."

Edward Snowden to Glenn Greenwald - Monday 3rd June 2013 CitizenFour at 00:32:00

Data Flow

We are really interested in leveraging the available network space to create a safe, secure methodology for moving data between users. Please review available download for a high level view of data flow in the Project. For more details on the Peer to Peer layer please download the DataFlow P2P PDF.

Data Flow download link
Data Flow P2P download link

  • My data belongs to me
  • Anytime my data is in the public it is encrypted
  • Anytime my data is outside of my control an accommodation party agreement is in place

VEXS Protocol 2013

Technology Used

Project XIII leverages the existing technology of 256 bit AES encryption in innovative ways, to ensure a safe and secure environment for you to exchange your data. The system moves all data from your device > Data Flow Hub (DFH) > to your friends device as encrypted information. By doing this we have turned the DFH into a relay between devices. Nothing more. The DFH cannot read the actual data, and removes it after three days. There is no point in keeping it. Your data can not be mined, harvested, monetized, studied or anything else. All transactions to the DFH are wrapped in a 128 bit SSL connection for another layer of security. 4096 bit RSA keys are used when the initial exchange of the AES keys takes place. Each user/friend has their RSA public key on the DFH. When the friend request is sent it is wrapped up in the RSA public key. The only person who can open the message has to have the private key that corresponds to the RSA public key what was used for the encryption.

Supported Devices

The goal is that any desktop or device that can run Silverlight 5 will be able to run this application. If the device that you are running Project XIII on is slow, a low memory option exists by checking the 'view single screen' box in user preferences.

Project XIII: Data sharing. Not yet released.