Desktop update

Here's for Windows and MAC desktops. Download here for Windows and here for MAC. If you are using anti virus software please make sure that the download is marked as safe before trying to install it. The application is not signed so some anti virus software solutions will not allow it to install. This drop of the code includes an much improved audio piece. The framesets have been moved from 1000 ms to 20 ms. There are also notch filters at 49-51, 59-61 and 79-81 hrz. The encoder/decoder is Speex; running at 32,000 samples per second, 16 bits per sample, one channel. There is no echo cancellation filters running. So you will have echo problems in most cases. A headset or a microphone that is not picking up the speakers are nice to have. The installer now installs both the application and the Socket Server at the same time. Windows users will most likely run into a 1001 error while updating from or before. This is caused by the local Socket Server service not stopping during the removal process. To solve this problem use add/remove programs (found in the control panel) to remove all the Project XIII software from your system. Then install the release. Going forward the install process will be to just download and double click on the installer. Mac users will have to start the local Socket Server if/when they want to use the chat/E-VOIP features. Each download contains a PDF file with installation instructions. Please refer to these files for more details.