Desktop update

Here's for Windows and MAC desktops. Download here for Windows and here for MAC. If you are using anti virus software please make sure that the download is marked as safe before trying to install it. The application is not signed so some anti virus software solutions will not allow it to install. We've continued to address E-VOIP. You can now make calls between Windows OS and Windows Phone, Windows OS and MAC OSX, and Windows Phone and MAC OSX. Currently the phone only supports making out going calls. The MAC OSX doesn't handle Bluetooth well. There's a bunch of dithering code that needs to be written to support up sampling from 8k to 32k. We have not been able to get a USB microphone to work at all. Using the audio jack works out great; so that's what we suggest. AEC (audio echo cancel) has not been added yet. As usual all of the communication is encrypted. All the E-VOIP/Chat traffic takes place over a peer to peer network.