Desktop update

Gang! After a long time of not posting code updates to the website I have started uploading builds again. There was a number of issues that needed addressed and I decided the best way to accomplish the task at hand was to use a more traditional approach of waiting until the software reached a certain level of maturity before starting the distribution process. A lot of changes have taken place. I've installed the Opus codec for audio. This makes working with multiple VIOP connections possible on very light weight or old CPUs. The Peer to Peer sharing/file transfer layer has also been the beneficiary of extensive work. Each session now has an AES generated for it. Transfer speeds are currently running around 20 Meg per minute on decent networks. I have no doubt that I'll be able to get this rate up to 100 Meg per minute in due time. The UI also received extensive review and rework. The socket server/proxy is being positioned to be the center of the data management system. This takes load of the UI sub system and allows for a much smoother UI interaction. This also means the UI will be able to un-couple itself from the Silverlight UI shortly and any UI that can interact to the socket server/proxy will be able to take its place. Anyways. Always exciting to see things moving forward. Enjoy your virtual extension of self!