The value of encryption in society

Usually the visual imagery of encryption causes the listener to think of spies walking down dimly lit streets in trench coats with their faces shrouded in mystery. We then think of all the cool gadgets like pens and glasses that take pictures, watches that detect radio waves, pistols that are built into the handle of walking sticks, etc. Often the value of not being advertised to does not come to mind. However, we now live in a society that is constantly advertising at you. Our brains are learning how to process an enormous volume of interruptions, at the expense of learning how to focus our thoughts on problem solving. link

Search engines, especially Google, save everything that you have searched for. While the engine might not be able to relate it back to you it knows that right now you are looking for 'x'. The various associations with 'x' can be very helpful. However, the world that we are currently living in is turning everything into an advertising surface and then leveraging all your queries into advertising content to be propagated at you via the advertising surfaces. This is creating all the interruptions that we constantly have to deal with.

Obviously the consumption of data is valuable to society or it would not exist. I remember when I first started out in my programming. I was told by other programmers & people in the tech space that I needed to start keeping track of how I was solving problems. I was confused about this as when I wanted to find the answer to something I used Google and that either gave me the answer or pointed me in the right direction. What good was keeping notes? Someone else might find a better way to solve the problem. Why not just search for the solution again?

Would I be willing to pay a small fee for access to a search engine that only provided the results that I was looking for? Absolutely! It would be much more efficient as I would not be running down the rabbit trails of advertisements and other visual distractions. I don't like to admit it but it certainly happens! Encryption can certainly assist in this endeavor. Your data would be yours again. No more becoming the product.